Rita Walsh and Fangirls


To celebrate the release of I Used to be Normal: A BoyBand Fangirl Story, Deviant Women sat down with producer Rita Walsh to dish the dirt on what it means when your love for boybands is larger than life. From shame to empowerment, hysteria and the formation of sexuality and identity, we explore how fandom shapes the lives of young women, their passions, their communities, and why we should pay attention to them.

I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story (dir: Jessica Leski) is screening in selected cinemas from November 22!

Maguire, Emma, ‘My Inner Fangirl’ in Kill Your Darlings, 6 July 2016 https://killyourdarlings.com.au/article/my-inner-fangirl/?doing_wp_cron=1539827872.2687649726867675781250

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