Shirley Jackson with Reading Women


This week we teamed up with the wonderful Kendra and Autumn of Reading Women to get spooky and chat all things Shirley Jackson, the queen of horror! From her unhappy childhood as the unwanted daughter of aspiring socialites, to her equally unhappy marriage to the philandering Stanley Hymen, we investigate how the demons of domesticity and anxiety (and a dose of a love for the occult) primed her to become one of the greatest gothic horror writers of all time. We then dive into her masterful short story, ‘The Lottery’, and geek out about the new adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House. So grab your favourite dog-eared Jackson paperback, and settle in for Halloween and Day of the Dead with us!

About Reading Women

Reading WomenKendra and Autumn became friends in graduate school after they realized they had a mutual dislike for wedding planning and a shared love for feminist literature.
It was only after they no longer lived in the same state that Kendra and Autumn decided to turn their hours long discussions and miles long chat histories into the Reading Women podcast. As they say, the rest is herstory.

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