Live Shows

2019 Adelaide Fringe

Lady Pirates Give No F*cks

Off the back of our stellar 2018 Adelaide Fringe season, Deviant Women returned in 2019, and this time we were pirates! A rollicking extravaganza across the high seas, from the British Isles to the steamy Caribbean, Lady Pirates Give No F*cks unpacked the lives of two of the baddest besties ever: Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.png ‘All of the charm and enthusiasm of their audio show ten-fold to the stage’ – Tulpa Magazine

Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.png ‘Deviant, Debonair and All Round Delightful’ – All Over Adelaide

‘A whirl of hilarious, high-energy performance’ – On Dit Magazine




2018 Adelaide Fringe

Julie D’Aubigny

Madame Blavatsky

In early 2018, we premiered our first Deviant Women live shows, Julie D’Aubigny and Madame Blavatsky, to rave reviews at the Adelaide Fringe. Taking our signature mix of historical storytelling and comedic banter to an audience, the live show delivers an eye-opening romp through the lives of two of history’s most outrageous women. But this is no ordinary live podcast, Deviant Women Live is flamboyant and boisterous theatre, mixing sketch comedy with animation, storytelling and, of course, a bit of banter.


Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.png ‘This is truly the best of the Fringe. You will laugh, you might cry and you will walk away elevated and wanting more’ – The Clothesline

Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.png ‘The sort of comedy that gives one delight and then gives one pause, in the best way possible’ – Tulpa Magazine

Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngstar_emoji_large1.png ‘A diverting and humorous narrative … she’s a lady’ – All Over Adelaide




Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.png ‘A perfect blend of dark and comedic, of the spooky and the playful. It was a night any Victorian lady or gentleman would be proud of’ – Tulpa Magazine 

Star_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngStar_Emoji_large.pngstar_emoji_large1.png ‘A highly polished and entertaining piece of theatre … with immense style and pith’ – GLAM Adelaide

‘I wish my uni History lectures could have been this funny!’ – Play & Go