Agnes Goodsir


From a progressive upbringing in otherwise conservative late-Victorian Melbourne, Agnes Goodsir went on to become one of Australia’s foremost bohemians. After studying and exhibiting between London and Paris, Goodsir eventually settled with her muse and lover, Cherry. Come with us to the salons of the Left Bank on the cusp of a new century, where Agnes and Cherry can be found sipping wine with Paris’ famous artistic and lesbian elite.


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  1. Harry says:

    Hi Alicia and Lauren,

    I want to congratulate you on telling the story about a wonderful Australian “deviant” woman. Agnes was indeed a pioneer and the way you told her story was funny, informative and touching. It made me think it would be great to see a movie of her life and love of Cherry in Paris.

    My Grandma, Agnes Madge Goodsir, was named after her Aunt. I may have bits and pieces of additional information if your’e interested.

    Thanks again,



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