Lizzy O’Dea

Lizzy O'Dea

In the humid tropics of 1920s Townsville, Lizzy O’Dea became infamous in the local tabloids for shooting her rival. As the press continued to sensationalise her adventures, notoriety for her petty theft and sexual exploits grew. Join us as we chat with author Ariella Van Luyn, whose novel Treading Air follows Lizzy from bookie’s daughter in Brisbane to working girl at the Causeway Hotel, about researching the life of one of history’s hidden women, and why such stories continue to be relevant to us today.

You can find out more about how to get your hands on a copy of Treading Air at

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  1. Jessica says:

    I know this is old news now but its fresh for me, so sorry for the extreme comment but thank god for this! I finished reading Treading Air two or three weeks ago and have been obsessively thinking about it every day since. I was in a state of confusion as I had become so attached to the story, and then so taken aback by the ending that I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to be feeling. The key ingredients for an unhealthy obsession I tell ya! Hearing Ariella talk about how, yes, this is an uncomfortable and challenging book, was like a godsent therapy session. Also her mention of the general public’s upset at the ending (same) and what that says about our own personal desires and expectations, was amazing to hear. This podcast was truly a gift and I will be listening to more from you guys. (I really think if I never listened to this, then when I died I would have been tied to earth as a ghost just lamenting Treading Air forever…)

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    1. Oh wow! That’s great Jessica! Thanks for letting us know. Ariella was a really fabulous guest. Happy to have helped you sleep easy 😉


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